Dr. Neetu Dhuman, ND
Naturopathic Physician ~ Bowen Therapist ~ Transformational Life Coach
“Often unknown to the conscious mind of a patient, underneath all symptoms and disease is a level of fear state and control. To guide a patient from fear state to the heart, triggers a deeply profound and unstoppable level of self-healing. This is freedom.”

Welcome! My name is Dr. Neetu Dhiman, N.D. I have been a licensed Naturopathic Doctor since 2003.

My practice is strongly rooted in following the laws of how the body heals.  I believe that a profound level of transformation occurs when a patient, so fiercely committed to their healing, works in union with me as their Practitioner.  Each and every patient has a unique story, a unique set of circumstances triggering symptoms, and has a unique biology. I believe the key to much of healing lies in a patient feeling seen and deeply heard.  I believe that one of my true gifts is to listen and hear a person. As I listen to each patient relay their story, they unknowingly are sharing origins of disease and also how to correct it.


My methodology of treatment allows a patient to feel a sense of freedom they have never experienced; it allows them boundless energy; it awakes their passion and purpose in life; it feels as if there is more time and space in the day; and they experience love, abundance and optimum levels of wellbeing.

My love for this profession and practice came as a patient seeking a life free from the restrictions of my body.  At two years old I was diagnosed as one of the worst cases of Asthma, Anaphylaxis in British Columbia. I had rampant eczema, leaky gut, an extremely sensitive nervous system, candida.  At times the list seemed endless. My journey to heal has taken me to many places in the world and has brought me to become the practitioner I am today. For never giving up on myself, I am the most proud.

My practice method is a non-invasive approach to support the body and provide the tools necessary to peel away layers of disease via cellular detoxification, nutrition, hormone balancing, lifestyle management – so the “soil” of the body can be treated.  A health, balanced “soil” will no longer host weeds (symptoms). My primary objective is to facilitate healing on a physical, mental, energetic and spiritual level.

Now, I'm excited to teach my methodology, so I can support more people to heal themselves, coach them through the process, and witness the moment when they realize they're thriving - all because they chose to take the right actions at the right time.

In my spare time I love to snowboard, I love spending time in nature, I love cooking, I love to travel, I love connecting with family and friends.  And I must admit, I just love learning!

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